High quality cool wristlets that can be used all year round

Ladia Cool Wristlets is a differentiated, high-performance sport cooling wristlet that can be used for golfing, hiking,
fishing, camping, leisure sports, and outdoor work. It is a flexible and functional outdoor product that can
maintain coolness and comfort as soon as they are worn to anybody regardless of age and gender.

Launched new products in 2017

  • LADIACool Wristlets

Product details

  • Name
  • Part number
  • Standard
  • Mixture
  • Cool Wristlets
  • -
  • 30-40cm
  • Nylon / Polyurethane

Seamless, low irritation
slip precention technology

Long lasting conformability through good ventilation

100% aqua function fabric

Excellent stretch and fit

99% UV protection

7 different patterns in designs

Flexible Wristlets


High quality cooling fiber
-3 cooling effect

Aqua yarn absorbs sweat, giving a cooling effect. It maintains a temperature of -3C and protects against UV 99.9%.
It's well-ventilated, absorbs sweat quickly, and keeps you dry and fresh all day long.

Cool comfort

t absorbs sweat well and dries quickly, and the special cross section of yarn widens the contact area with the skin to effectively absorb heat.
In addition, its not transparent and you can feel that it is softer to the touch than typical nylon products.

Excellent elasticity and fit
with the use of high elastic material

It is made of excellent elastic material so that anybody can wear it regardless of age and gender without worrying about stretching. It is excellent in elasticity and resilience and has a soft fit that covers your body comfortably.

Seamless, low irritation,
slip prevention technology

It is a non-slip, seamless structure with no sewing line, so the banding process on both ends of the sleeve is dense, and the pressure on the arm is small even when worn for a long time.


  • Step-by-step tightness design
  • Sturdy sewing
  • Run resist
  • Comfortable fit
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Excellent elasticity



    Hand wash the product with neutral detergent and dry in the shade. Nails and sharp edges can cause a run, so be careful when using them.