Premium leggings with an excellent cooling effect

Made of the finest Korean aqua yarn,
they are summer leggings with excellent quick drying and cool comfort.

2017 new arrival miss beauty line

  • Aqua Cool leggings

Product details

  • Name
  • Part number
  • Standard
  • Mixture
  • Size
  • Aqua Cool leggings 50D
  • LD-CWI
  • 30-40cm
  • Nylon / Polyurethane
  • 150mm ~ 170mm

Can be used for various activities such as sports and other outdoor activities.

Differentiated high functionality
LADIA sports leggings

  • Superior cooling fiber
  • UV protection 99.9%
  • Excellent stretch and fit
  • Long lasting ventilation
  • Seamless, low irritation, prevention of slippage
  • Two types including one that covers the back of the hand


  • 01

    Seamless, low irritation
    slip prevention technology

    It is a non-slip, seamless structure with no sewing line, so the banding process on both ends of the sleeve is dense, and the pressure on the arm is small even when worn for a long time.

  • 02

    Excellent elasticity and fit
    from the use of high elastic material

    It is made of excellent elastic material so anybody can wear it, regardless of age and gender, without worrying about stretching. It is excellent in elasticity and resilience and has a soft fit that wraps around comfortably.

  • 03

    High quality cooling fiber
    Cooling effect of ? 3

    he quality elastic material can be used for anybody, regardless of age and gender. It has excellent elasticity and resilience that does not stretch, even when used for a long time. It has an excellent soft fit that wraps around comfortably the entire time.

  • 04

    Back of the hand cover type

    There are two types, a basic and one that covers the back of the hand. It protects the back of the hand from ultraviolet rays and it can be used for extended periods without damage due to the strong stitching around the thumb.




    Hand wash the product with neutral detergent and dry in the shade. Nails and sharp edges can cause a run, so be careful when using them.